Considered by some to be an enigmatic band we formed Rainbow FFolly half a century ago! Brothers Richard and John Dunsterville started with Everley harmonies but changed to a more psychedelic outfit when teaming up with Roger on bass and Stewart on drums. Having met at art school we toured all over the place in our clockwork ambulance. Having an album out in 1968 on the prestigious Parlophone label, we went to the Star Club in Hamburg and played in most of the popular clubs in London and up in the North.

We disbanded to form other outfits and John started a family with Jane who also worked on the album cover artwork. Many years later we got together to do a Ffollow up album, but this time funding it mostly by ourselves (minus Richard now residing in USA). Now we had the chance to record in our own studio with up to date digital stuff! The songs have been written from the mid-sixties to the present day and show a wide range of ideas, styles and influences. It's been ffun as well to do the new artwork and get this web thingy up and running!

For ffurther details of the Ffollow Up Album and how to buy our new Complete Ffolly CD set, please visit Cherry Red Records

It really is so good to get back together again as the comradery and spark are still definitely there. Half a century of making noises with our friends! From skiffle to sixties - from rock to revival - from the start - to somewhere over that Rainbow.

From Vinyl to infinity and maybe a little bit further. Who knows?

We hope you too have as much Ffun.

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